#LMFAyakaOkuno: A Fun Q&A Sesh w/ Ayaka Okuno

(Pictured above with coach, friend and life mentor, Redfoo) I believe in vibes.  And the older you get, the more accurate your first impression should get. You know how people talk about instinct? Well, I believe it’s real. Someone with lots of experience behind them will have better instinct because their “hunch” is based off… Read More »

The Key To Fitness Is…

How many times have you “roller coaster’d” in your life in terms of trying to live a healthy lifestyle? I’ve roller coaster’d numerous times throughout my life.  And as you grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to bounce back and get back on track, both physically and mentally. I recently turned age 40…. Read More »

The Spirit of Kendo – Support Team USA

IMAGES COURTESY OF: Kohjiro Kinno | IG: @TeamUSAKendo I used to think six.. seven.. eight years was a long time. That’s roughly how long I’ve practiced Kendo for up until my late-high-school-early-college-years. I feel fortunate to have experienced some of my best memories to date through Kendo and I cannot thank my mother enough for… Read More »

The New Balance x Phiten 4040v2 Limited Edition Baseball Cleat

Introducing the New Balance x Phiten 4040v2 Limited Edition Low-Cut Baseball Cleat. The new Phiten 4040v2 features Phiten’s exclusive AQUA-METAL  technology woven right in. By infusing Phiten’s proprietary technology into the collar lining, laces, and insert cover, the goal is to surround the foot with “Phitenized” materials. Whether you are sprinting to home or pivoting… Read More »

The Point Chase: Leilani Akiyama’s Judo Dream

Since the tender age of 7, Leilani Akiyama has been on the mat purely focused on the sport of Judo, a modern martial art and Olympic sport born in Japan, aptly where Leilani first trained and where her ancestral roots originate from. Judo has always been a big part of the Akiyama family. Her older brother Jimmy also… Read More »